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My Philosophy of Education

I believe that all children can learn. It is our job as educators to ensure their success. We need to show that we care about our students and what happens to them in their lives. I try to take a moment everyday to interact with them on an individual basis, and make them feel important as individuals in order to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere in which they can learn.

Students deserve teachers who are enthusiastic and motivated. I am very passionate about teaching and do my best to bring success to my students.

Prior to becoming an educator, I worked as an actuary for an insurance company. I collected and analyzed data, forecasted trends, and prepared reports and presentations for clients. While the work was interesting to me, the business world was not as rewarding for me as my student teaching experience that I completed in college. Consequently, I decided to persue a career in teaching and have been with the Neshaminy School District ever since.

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